Thursday, August 18

Coffee Table Makeover

Andrew and I were driving through a little ghetto neighborhood the other day and we saw a few things on the curb to be thrown away and this little table was among them! We had to have it! I'm not actually sure why they were throwing it out... even before the makeover, it wasn't that bad. But I had to throw my own little spin on it:

All I did was clean it up and get the gum off (ew) and I painted the top with chalkboard paint, put a cute verse on it and there you go! I'm thinking about lining the bottom with some contact paper or vintage wallpaper!

Thanks for sharing this with me! Have you guys made over any fun things lately?
xo Shannon


Lo Hood said...

Hi Shannon! I can't believe I had never before visited your totally awesome blog! what a great find! You really made it so super cute :) -Lo

amberupbeat said...

I love chalk board paint. This table make over is so cute but I don't see why anyone would just toss this table. Well anyway lucky you because now you have a coffee table!!


Sara Reeves said...

That sure is pretty...and fun! :)

Ashley @ said...

SO cute! I love what you did with it. :]

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

This is so much fun! Love it!

cb said...

i love it! such a great idea and i would never think to use chalkboard paint on furniture, how fun! i think using contact paper would be a great addition. i am always on the hunt at the thrift store for some but they always have crappy ones. i wonder if there is a online store that sells vintage ones. maybe etsy would be a great place to start looking.

Sara Finley 11 said...

so I've been reading through older posts of yours and I found this. A few weeks ago I found an old coffee table on the side of the road and brought it back to my dorm and now I want to paint it with chalkboard paint! I love this idea!!!
~Sara Maria Finley

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