Friday, August 19

Fill-in Friday

My idea of pure perfection would be needs actually being met all over the world.

Love makes the world go round. 

If it weren't for my dad calling me this morning at 6:45 with classic rock playing in the background I'd have slept thru my alarm with Andrew and we'd have both been way late!

Bloggers are aww fun! It's a super great community of creative minds and immense talent and compassion.

If I had some more money than I do have right now I'd buy you a percolator coffee maker. Everyone needs one of those babies, and I'd teach you how to use it. 

I'm glad it's Friday because that means I get two whole days with Andrew on the weekend!

Something I'm excited about is an event we're photographing on Saturday. We actually get to put our wares out! So if there is anything you love from the shop grab it before it's gone!

My coffee just got finished perking and Daisy is running around like a puppy on crack with her toy towel. My heart is pretty full, it's the little things :]

xo Shannon

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Ashley @ said...

I love these posts! So fun to get to know you better this way. :]

Happy weekend, miss!

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