Thursday, August 18

On A Personal Note

 My LITTLE sister starts high school today. And she was super nervous last night when I talked to her on the phone, saying things like she's not ready and she's worried about the older kids bullying her. It made me want to drive her to school and walk with her to class to make sure no one messes with her... if you're an older sibling you totally get this. But she's more than ready. She's so confident and I know she'll walk in there and win over hearts like she's taking names. I'm pretty proud of her and who she is becoming. Kelly, you'll rock out today and it'll be awesome! I love you!


camylla said...

I totally understand! In my family were 3 girls and I'm the oldest one. I watch over my little sisters like a hawk! hehe I'm very protective over them and I must admit, in middle school I have gotten into fights with girls that were mean to them!

cb said...

you are such a wonderful older sister! can you be mine too! well actually i would be your older sister but what is age really! with a sister like you she has such a great example to look up too!

Valechula said...

I completely know what you are saying, I am the oldest of 6 kids and very motherly to them. In school I watche dover each and everyone of them. Last weekend the tables turned. I (almost 30) was at my cousins wedding last weekend with my whole family. My youngest brother (just 16) was there too. towards the end of the night I was talking a little too loud and some (drunk) guy told me to shutup. My brother was standing next to me and without hesitation turned and said DO NOT SPEAK TO MY SISTER THAT WAY. I was impressed and shocked all at the time. And so proud that he was raised that way and would defend me even to a (Drunk) guy who out weighed him by 3 times. It wamrs my heart to know that not only me being the oldest looking out for them, but we all have each others back.
Your sister will do well! She will be okay and have fun! Thanks for sharing and I hope her first day was amazing and not overwhelming!

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