Wednesday, March 7

To write!

Do you journal? I used to journal faithfully - even when I had a blog on xanga. I have a few full journals from high school and through college and then... I forgot about it somehow. Since I started seriously blogging I didn't feel the need to journal - in the sense that you write and scribble - I felt like I needed to art journal. I took a class on it and fell in love. But... I forgot about it, again.

However, I find myself inevitably drawn to notebooks to journal in. Maybe it's because I know I want to do it, I just no longer have the discipline to sit down and do it? Either way, I am forever thinking, "Oh, if I had the right kind of journal I know I'd fill it up!"  I went on a hunt.

An Oak Tree
An owl journal

Any of the above would make me so happy. I'd have to have it with me everywhere and fill it up with daily thoughts and experiences! Do you have a favorite journal?

xo S


call me debbie said...

I had journals from primary school until the ends of high school. I have always loved the writing and reading! They calm me so much!

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Gentri said...

I've wanted a leather bound journal like the ones above for FOREVER! But I kind of want to be able to personalize the design...

memory said...

I'm all about that one. I have just recently picked up journaling each day again, I'm loving it!
Oh and I love your new blog look! I haven't been around in a while :(

Thank you SO much for your comment on my little Valentine buddy post, Shannon! That was like the second ever time you've commented on my blog and I just wanted to bounce out of my chair when I saw your sweet words! :)


Raindrop. said...

I keep a journal and I've always wanted to buy a leather bound one but they are way too expensive. I'm a student so I can't spend that much... I always buy a beautiful notebook with hard covers to write in though. A notebook that makes me happy just by looking at it.

Jesse Blair-French said...

I used to keep a journal in high school, but I didn't really write every day and it was mostly about a boy that I liked, haha. I had one up until my sophomore year of college and then I just... didn't keep one anymore! My friend just got me a beautiful Snow White one that I'm going to customize, and I'm determined to use it and write down at least the big things! :)

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