Thursday, March 15

Leather Heart & Arrow DIY

I made one of these little babies as a gift for a friend's birthday. I liked it so much that I had to make one for myself and I thought it would be a fun diy to share with you!

1-Gather your supplies: leather and small print fabric scraps, a length of suede, eye rings, pliers, leather punch, fabric glue, fray check, sharpie, and scissors. 2- Cut out your heart and arrow from the leather and the fabric you picked out. After 2 failed attempts at drawing a heart right onto the leather I made a pattern. 3- Use the fabric glue to adhere the fabric to the leather heart and the arrow. 4- Let the glue dry and measure the width of your arrow and mark it on the back. Fold your heart in half and cut on the marks you made (this will be used to slide your arrow through). 5- Pull your arrow through the slits you cut. Punch two holes at the top of your heart and fix your eye rings. Slide your length of suede through. 6- Mix and match!
I hope you enjoy this little diy! If you make one I'd love to see how it turns out! Happy crafting!
xo S


lazy explorers said...

This is soo cute!

call me debbie said...

It's so Debbie(me), I'm gonna borrow these equipments from my dad and i will do this!

shannon*bear said...

Thanks, ladies! Debbie - can't wait to see how yours turns out!

memory said...

Aw, it's adorbs. Loved getting caught up on your life lately, Shannon! Congrats on making your first fire :) I just love campfires.


Jesse Blair-French said...

I love this! Totally wanna make one! :)

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