Tuesday, March 6

New Polaroid {Camera Wishlist}

Have you heard of Photojojo? I love their site - it's like a photographer's dream. My favorite coffee mug came from there and of course my Diana F+ lens. Guess what they told me about today?

Yep. A freaking digital Polaroid camera! You can edit and print out a 3x4 photo it all in one! WHAT?! Yeah, I need this. It went from want to need in under 3 seconds. Seriously... how cool is this thing?

Sign me up and put it on my quickly and ever growing camera wishlist! Do you have a camera wishlist? Let's talk cameras! Over and out, S


Kendra said...

oh. my. word.
this just went from "i didn't know it existed" to "need, immediately"

Kendra said...

oh. my. word.
i just went from "i've never heard of this" to "need, immediately".

shannon*bear said...

Right? I'm so excited about this camera! I want to use it for our biz and of course for snapping photos of our daily life!

call me debbie said...

(The new layout is going great by the way!)

(New blog needing some love: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com)

Shani said...

0_o what is this amazing thing. I need one and I need one now.

Love's Modesty

Sarbear said...

Very neat. I don't think anything can replace the original, but I love when new developments are made for something different. It look super cool.

sweet harvest moon said...

OH MY GOD! All i can say! WANT!

shannon*bear said...

Shani - Agreed!

Sara - I totally agree, nothing can replace the original! As much as I love my instax mini and am already in lurve with this one, nothing compares to pulling out my old Polaroid!

Sara - Right? I want it for SO many reasons!

Jesse Blair-French said...

Holy wow! What a perfect creation! Especially since polariod film can get so expensive. I have a vintage polaroid camera but buying film for it is like $50 for 4 rolls, which is not in my college student budget! But this seems like a perfect, happy medium!

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