Thursday, March 1

Roll In Like a Lion

Dear Friend:

I've been gone for a while. At some point every blogger needs a while to wind down and hunker for a minute. February ended up being that time for me. Even now as I enter back into this space I'm hesitant.

I felt overwhelmed by the lack of sincerity going on - not just here but also around the blogosphere. I felt like I was blogging to be blogging and that is NOT my style. I want to blog because I have something to offer and I wasn't meeting my own expectation.  Beyond that I didn't feel like I was getting the response that my content had to offer. When I posted about the woods I got comments about my outfit. Don't get me wrong, I love reading what my readers say in the comments they leave me, but it was discouraging to share an experience and have a reaction more so about my clothing than the content. (Eesh, that sounds harsh, but really it's honesty.)

This time has been really interesting. Even as I struggled with where to take this space and what it meant and even what it had become I had people praising it. Kids in my hometown that I had NO idea read Shannon Bear were commenting on it and the content. It was all very encouraging and crazy at once.

All of that said, I'm hesitantly back. I probably won't post everyday, I'll ease my way back into the groove. And what a mighty groove it will be! This space will grow to meet my needs - that is, after all, why I'm here. I have some goals I want to achieve and this will be where I document the process, challenge, and (hopefully) victory of each one.

I'd love to have you along for the ride. Here we go!



Sarbear said...

I will be along for the ride my friend. I have spent the past month feeling much the same, although I feel I was experiencing those feelings even longer. I found myself posting "fluff" posts just to post or getting caught up in things that really meant nothing to me rather than focusing on the writing and the sharing of my own unique story. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes you, and any beautiful woodsy photos along the way. You have such a beautiful soul (yes, I can tell!) and I look forward to seeing that coming out even more in your writing whenever you do choose to post.

I started a new little blog here: because I feel like I needed a completely fresh start and somewhere I could be honest and open. It's a baby (no pun intended, you'll see) but I feel good about being back to blogging for me and not for others.

Lots of love to you friend. I hope the mountains are treating you well and that Daisy is growing into a beautiful young woman. ;)


Brianna Soloski said...

Hi Shannon! I can totally relate to what you're saying here. As an author I feel like I have to constantly blog to my platform, always thinking about how it's going to affect my writing career. In doing so, I've come to realize that my blog is now quite boring and that I need to stop that and blog what my heart feels is right. I am turning 30 soon and that's utterly overwhelming for me. Because of that, I want my blog to become a place where I chronicle my life and not be a place where I write what an agent wants to hear or what someone who might read my book wants to hear.

shannon*bear said...

Thank you ladies! I'm excited to refocus and bring this space into something that is a reflection of my creative side vs everyday life. I can't wait to see where it goes and also keep up with your lovely blogs and their journey's!

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