Wednesday, March 21

Camp Stoves and Dutch Ovens

Lately Daisy and I have been spending our time quietly.  Taking some time to recharge and notice the little things we pass by in the the craziness of daily life has been so nice. Recently we ran out of propane. Right before Andrew needed to be gone for a whole week on business. Since he's started this new job the transition has been hard on us financially and bottom line is we can't afford to resupply our tank right now. That leaves me here with our animals and no propane to cook on.

But oh, how I love being a mountain woman of resourcefulness. I have made many a meal lately in one of our two dutch ovens, perked my very first pot of coffee on my camp stove, and even had enough left overs to freeze! My dad has been invaluable during this time, showing me the ropes and small tricks to get things rolling faster or whatever. It's truly been a humbling and educational experience. And, I cannot lie, I am tremendously proud of myself!

I have a feeling that I may not want to shell out the money to fill our tank until we leave! There is something ridiculously satisfying about having to cook like this. I am (though I'm not proud of this and sometimes it gets in the way) a person of profound habit. Any time there is a process to make something I take to it and it becomes a ritual. So the process of pumping up the pressure in my cook stove, getting a match out, lighting the stove, waiting for the flame to turn blue, fine tuning the pressure, getting my percolator on top of the flame just so (only because I want it just so), hearing it perk, finding the sweet spot in the flame so it doesn't boil over and finally pouring a cup of coffee has been great for me. Ah, the romance of simple things. I think, with the addition of indoor plumbing, I would have been a great pioneer/mountain woman. 

xo S


Jordy said...

Hah, yeah, indoor plumbing would have been a must! Really exciting to hear your chronicles of adaptive living! You're amazing!

shannon*bear said...

Ha! Thanks Jordy, I'm excited to share it with everyone, it's a great adventure!

Elise said...

You're freaking awesome, lady! Seriously in awe of your radness :)


shannon*bear said...

Aw, sweet, Elise! Thanks for your encouragement :] I have a feeling there will be several posts similar to this one!

Sara said...

What an adventure. While it's never fun to be without, it kind of us, right? I mean, I think it can be a fun challenge to try to make do and to see what we are really capable. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I do admire your resourcefulness!

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