Friday, January 20

Home Tour {Our Living Room}

And thus the home tour continues with our living room! This is my favorite room in our house. I think it's the coziest place in the world!

We still have our tree up from Christmas but, it's more of just a decoration now with our Fox & Owl letters on it... how about a DIY on those later? :] We took another tree and decided it would be great for behind our couch. We're taking our time decorating it and choosing only pieces we love for that one. Our couch we thrifted for $50 at a yard sale... right? We are so stoked on it! The brown chair was a curb alert moment and the blue chair was gifted to us.

We really like having small details around so you'll find lots of little figurines and 50's pieces in our living room.

 Daisy loves our little heater, it's not a real fire but it works in this space. Our record player is actually on loan from a family friend. We're really grateful to her for letting us use it until we can find our own. It's ridiculous of often we find ourselves sitting where Daisy is listening to a record with incense burning.

 I LOVE chalkboard paint. This coffee table was also a curb alert moment so we snagged it and I refinished it with chalkboard paint on the top so it's fun to decorate with little notes, lyrics or designs.

Thanks for taking a little peek into my living room! I think the studio may be next! Happy almost weekend!

xo Shannon

PS: If you haven't entered in the Shabby Apple giveaway yet, you have until the 25th!


Lazyexplorers said...

Wow! Your living room is awesome! I love your Christmas tree!

Memory Reese said...

i'm in love with your little typewriter! love the color (:

Gentri said...

Love love love that!

Nadine said...

That room looks totally lovely and cozy! :) I love that little (fake) heater! And the telephone ... does it still work?
Here's to a happy weekend.

Jamie pilgrim said...

I'm in love! It's so cozy and warm feeling, so inspirational!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So cozy! Love it!!!

cb said...

i love your wall tree, so cool and unique! your house looks so warm a cozy and i just want to cuddle daisy oh so much!

Kristin - My Life as a Teacup said...

I love the chalkboard coffee table idea :D And your living room looks so cozy!! Love it!

claire said...

i love your christmas tree so original! :)

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