Monday, January 23

Monday Blues {One Big Photo}

Is it rainy where you are? It's rainy here and that always makes me feel super sleepy and cozy. Thankfully I get to work from home but, for those of you who have to schlep to work this morning I have a wee treat.

Tell me this doesn't make your day brighter...

Right? Have I told you that I've always had a thing for chameleons? I've always wanted one, I think it has a lot to do with their doleful gazes and cute toes. If chameleons aren't your thing, how about this?

all photos found via one big photo
I love these photos. You have to check out this website though, One Big Photo. You'll walk away feeling better about your Monday. Promise.
xo Shannon

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Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Sadly, yes, it's raining :(

So cute!

cb said...

yes it is raining here but it doesn't make me feel warm and cozy. i wish it did. i really dislike riding in it feeling semi damp all day and my hair is another story, oh geesh....i just love that first picture. they are so cute!!!!! we almost bought one a while ago. it was so tiny, like smaller then my hand!

Kat said...

hm yeah, thank you for an excellent way for me to waste my day! just kidding. this site is AMAZING! it makes me want to really work on my photography! thank you! <3

Amber Pate said...

It's raining and cold down this way :( Those photos did brighten my day up just a bit, I think it'd be much better if my last class would hurry up and get here so I can head home and bundle up lol.

xo Amber P.

Mona said...

Such great and fun photos!

Sara said...

Here it has just been really grey and cloudy, but I am also working from home on my online classes, so at least I could stay in with the critters and my school books today. Thanks for sharing all the cuties to brighten all of our days. <3


call me debbie said...

Oh my i just love these little cuties! and tomorrow i have exams on Zoology, you made my day!

(Pls check my new blog guys: )

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