Friday, January 13

Enjoy Your Weekend!

I'm so looking forward to this weekend! There is a photo shoot to enjoy and some business planning to dive into but I also want to do something really fun. I thought you might too! So, here are a few DIY ideas I'm LOVING...

LA's Tie Cuff - seriously, let's go thrifting and get busy.

A sequin photo booth? I'm dying over this right now!

Everyone needs a cute coffee cup cozy!

A super cozy sweatshirt re-haul... with doilies! 

I love this necklace that Kinsey thought up - she is so inspiring!

I wish I had time for each of these little projects this weekend! Let me know if you are able to do any or if you have one to share! 

xo Shannon


Memory Reese said...

ahhh! that sweatshirt! how creative. i'm obcessed. (:

love the sequin photo booth too!

have a great weekend, shannon!

Apockylypse said...

That sweatshirt is just too cute! I'm definitely going to have to find one that I can make over like that.

Brianna said...

That sweatshirt is adorable!

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