Tuesday, January 17

Dresses in the Woods

Yesterday instead of blogging and spending yet another day at home we had an adventure! Girls, you feel me when I say that on the third day of your period you're still feeling kind of crappy and you really just want to stay in bed with the heating pad and some chocolate right? That is how I felt all day yesterday. But, rather than succumbing to my heating pad + bed + chocolate yearnings I put on a dress and lipstick and went out into the wild with Andrew.

Well... okay, it wasn't planned that way exactly. First we went for coffee with our most recent client and had some fun there, visited my dad at work and surprised him with a cup of coffee and let Daisy out. That is when we decided to take to the road.  We have been DYING for some kind of change or adventure or romance lately. We got all three yesterday! We ended up on the far side of our little county and over the TN/NC boarder and that brought us to Big Creek.

Side note: To get there you have to go by a hydroelectric plant (hydroelectric? right? awesome.). It looks like something out of Hogwarts and upon seeing that I knew we were in for a good time.

Andrew has spent a lot of time at Big Creek and I have not. I had never been there and honestly could slap my friends and family for not allowing me the delights of this magical place before now. And then at the same time I could kiss them for it since I was able to experience it with Andrew for the first time.

We pulled up and I really had to pee. You probably don't need to know that or what I'm about to tell you but it's part of the story. So, I had to pee. Andrew taught me how to pee in the woods. Yep, he did. So we ruuuuun to the bath house the park so graciously has on site, only to discover that it's been "winterized". Delightful. Being the woodsy people we are we always have some form of toilet paper in the car. Even if it's a receipt from walmart or something. This time it was an actual roll (huzzah!) so we both peed behind the bath house. Ironic.

After breathing a sigh of relief and laughing about the fact that Andrew was taking my picture squatting we went to explore.

We found some really pretty rocks, perfect for skipping but we decided to keep them for our nature basket at home.

Then Andrew needed to go be a wild mountain man. And by be wild mountain man I mean this:

I wanted to be a wild mountain girl so I was really brave. Sometimes Andrew holds my hand when I'm brave.

And then we just went on appreciating where we were and of course that we were the only people there.

xo Shannon & Andrew


call me debbie said...

Well that's a great way to spend your day, i wish i had the time to do it also,but you know how exams are! :( Love all this wilderness that soars here and there! just love it(looooveee it, ok i am stopping now :D)

(Pls check my new blog guys: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com )

cb said...

what a fun and super cute date and YES YES to dresses in the woods! you look great!!!

Amber Pate said...

D'aww you too are just adorable! It looks like you had a ton of fun :) If I wasn't up to my eyeballs in homework (which I should really be doing now) I'd drag Dustin out for a nature walk.

xo Amber P.

Valerie said...

The very definition of spontaneity! Looks like so much fun. You got some really gorgeous pics out of it too!

Sara said...

Lovely lovely lovely photos. I am now aching for my own woodsy adventure. You all are such a beautiful couple. <3


Lariats and Lavender said...

This is so gorgeous! Your outfit, your adventure, your shots!!! So perfect. I love being out in the wild (and I have peed in the wild! :P) and man, Jen and I would do this so often! (...Adventuring... Not peeing in the wild!!!)

Kate @ Wake Up, Lovely said...

I love the photographs of you on the rocks! Such pretty photography and gorgeous views. I've been dying to get out and seek adventures lately too...i think it's a winter thing! Your outfit is lovely! xo

MaryRebecca said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful couple :) I love moss covered forests--makes me want to have an adventure too!

Ashley @ AfterNineToFive.net said...

Love these photos! Such a fun, gorgeous place to be.

xox, ashley

Memory Reese said...

what a beeeutiful place and you look absouletly stunning. (:


Jamie pilgrim said...

Wow! These photos are amazing! You two are the cutest!

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