Thursday, January 12

Daily Daisy

Do you ever stop for a second and look around your life and think, man this is great? I do. Probably not as often as I should but for those moments when I am able to.... it's like the most clear moment of duh, I love my life. I've had two such moments this week. Both involving Daisy!

Before I married Andrew I had never really had a pet. He came with a cat and two dogs! I had Dulce and he wasn't very old yet so I was still adjusting to one cat and then I had an entire slew of animals. It was kind of great! Through various life events we found ourselves left with Roofus and Dulce, though when we moved in our little house we had two and two. The lead to Angus and Daisy!

I have never had a dog. I've always wanted one though. That led to my love of all things hound and then eventually on to my love of a blue tick. With that in mind you can imagine, me, a mountain girl finding herself with a blue tick coon hound named Daisy Bear who (we recently discovered) likes to lay in front of the fire.

And also hang her head off of the couch while she sleeps while Andrew plays Star Craft on his lappy.

She is my heart, more and more each day and she helps me come back from being on the computer and answering emails, and planning, and marketing, and picture editing, and budgeting, and.... life. She brings me to moments like the ones above and I kind of love her for that.

xo Shannon & Daisy


Amylou said...

Aww! I love this! Lily does the same thing for me!
Oh and that last picture reminds me a lot of our house. Starcraft and all! haha!

Apockylypse said...

It wasn't until I moved out completely on my own for a year before I got my very first dog, now I have no clue how I lived without them (well, I kinda do since my dad is allergic). I always find great joy in the little quirks of their personalities. Like hanging butts off the edge of the bed, or taking a pile of dirty clothes & turning it into a nest for sleepy time.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Aww sweet post! I have a (old, he will be 15 years this year) dog and a cat, they are best friends :)

Lariats and Lavender said...

Oh my gosh. <3 She really is so beautiful. I love this post so much. ^_^ And yes, I totally DO have those moments!

claire said...

aww people that have never had dogs just don't understand how much they become pert of the family. I was hear broken when my dog died of cancer, and ive not been able to bring myself to get another one, but i do miss that waggy tail greeting :)x

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