Wednesday, January 11

What I Wore | Weekend Fun

I'm skipping wordless Wednesday this time for an outfit post... I hope you don't mind ;-)

Andrew and I really enjoyed our weekend, we've been doing some SERIOUS work on our wee home and getting things put away and organized. It's make us love our space even more, which really, we needed. Your encouragement has actually helped with the motivation to spruce things up so I think we both owe you a big thank you and maybe even a high five!!

Anyway, here is what I wore on Saturday last.

Shirt: Thrifted/ Leggings: Target/ Boots: Blowfish/ Necklace: Fox & Owl/ Belt: Gift

I found the big ol' mustard shirt at a local thrift store and looooved it! But I was a little bummed when we got home and it didn't look the way I thought it would in my mind. Andrew encouraged me to try it with a belt and leggings ( I had it on over jeans) and it looked SO much better! Leave it to my Husband to style my outfit! 

Happy Wednesday!
xo Shannon


Gentrileeblog said...

hahaha! Love that he styled it. Or helped anyways. :) You look super cute!

Paula said...

love the outfit! I only recently got into mustard colored things and this shirt totally rocks :) have a great rest of the week :)

Lariats and Lavender said...

GASP!!! Love this, you look so gorgeous. The color combo is wonderful!!!

Apockylypse said...

You are just too adorable! That color really looks gorgeous on you (& I'm not always a fan of mustard colored items).

cb said...

you look great! love the color on you. hubbies can be right about clothes sometimes. i mean they see us all the time and they know what looks good on us. tom helps me all the time with my outfits :)

Lo Hood said...

You look so pretty! thats so funny that your husband helped seems as though better halves can be so helpful when you least expect it! :) -Lo

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Mustard yellow looks amazing on you! It's my favorite color for autumn/winter

Amber Pate said...

I love how you made the shirt into a tunic dress! This outfit looks so great :)

xo Amber P.

Rachel - for the birds said...

I love this color.. what a great find!! -Rachel (

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