Thursday, December 8

You Like "All Kinds" of Music?

So, there is a channel on Youtube called Soul Kitchen and we LOVE it! It features magical live videos of underground/indie bands performing some of their favorite songs. I think Andrew found it and after we watched this video of James Vincent McMorrow we were hooked. You should probably check it out.

You're welcome.

Like I said in my vlog about 15 Things, I love all kinds of music (with the exception of new country and the crap my sister really likes...*cough* Kesha, G6, etc *cough*). When I read off the question about a song I love to blast and sing with I forgot to include the Civil Wars. Specifically the song Poison and Wine <-- I have no idea if they are lovers or not, when I researched them it said they were partners, but nothing about being together. After seeing how he looks at her during this video.... it's like something you shouldn't be able to see. It's such a gorgeous vulnerability on his part, it makes me blush and if I don't turn away from seeing it, it makes me tear up. I also forgot to tell you about Damien Rice, The Blowers Daughter. I started listening to Damien Rice in college. My great friend, Jeremy, would listen to him as he went to sleep and he shared a few songs with me and I was in love.

That's all. I don't know why exactly I needed to share that with you but, there it is. What kinds of music do you guys love to listen to?

xo Shannon


Amanda said...

Thanks so much for sharing The Civil War video link. LOVE their sound. I've been searching for some new bands to listen to, this is definitely going on the list. Damien Rice has long been on the list ;)

Lo Hood said...

I love that Civil War song...kind of made me tear up, not gonna lie! Thanks for the suggestion, I'm definitely going to check them out some more! :) -Lo

Cb said...

Oh yay, thanks for the new music!

Reina Summers said...

my favorite kind of music is Rock and Rock and dance music

amberupbeat said...

I'm the same way! It's easier for me to list what I don't listen to then what I do because it's just such a mixture. It all depends on my mood or my energy for that day. Sometimes when I'm upset (mad or sad) I need to listen to more calm stuff where as if I'm feeling confident I'll put in one of my mixed punk cd's from my teen years lol.

xo Amber P.

Southernsopink said...

i have a friend that introduced me to the civil wars...he's really into them!(:
love this pic of you! very cute outfit.(:

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I mainly listen to old stuff from late fifties to end the late seventies (no 80's please) and some 90's grunge.. Also new bands like Fleet Foxes, Florence and the Machine, Sleeping at last, ...

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