Wednesday, December 7

Little Known Facts

Hiya! I wasn't able to post yesterday because the rain has been seriously messing with my internet! So, rather than a WW I'm sharing the vlog from yesterday's post ;-)

I was tagged by Lowercase Letters and I'm tagging: Amy, Ashley, Lo & CB!

xo S


Jamie M said...

i ADORE this video!!! you & Andrew are so precious together & your house looks SO comfy! i especially love the cat meowing at the window to come in! who is that? you should make a post & introduce us to all of your other pets :D hearing Daisy's hound bark warms my heart <3

the chevron arrow tree is so creative, did you think of it yourself?

<3 much love xoxoxo

Purposely at Home said...

great idea to do a vlog! yay! :) lowercase letters is my sissy and she tagged me too...I may copy you if that is alright and vlog about it too. :) cute blog, btw.

Shannon said...

Ha! Thanks, Jamie! I'm glad you enjoyed it :] It was so much fun to make, I think vlogging might be one of my new favorites! That is Dulce at the window - I LOVE the idea of introducing my wee pets to you guys. That is brilliant!

The tree behind me is our Christmas tree, it was part of our gallery in Panacea and when we took it down we decided to make use of it :] I'll post about it later this month and there is a DIY involved!!

Thinking of you at the end of your semester, I hope it is going well! Keep me updated!

Shannon said...

Yaaaay Marli!! Can't wait to see your vlog, I think they are SO fun!

Paula said...

I've never made a vlog before but it looks like so much fun! maybe I should give it a try.. thanks for doing this, I really enjoyed it!

Sara Reeves said...

Geeez this is adorable! And I love that your cat is peaking around in the background. You and Andrew are such a sweet couple. :)


Jamie pilgrim said...

So cute! Your place is gorgeous as well! Totally jealous!

cb said...

i love this! getting to know you is so fun! oh and by the way i love the kitty in the background, he is HILARIOUS!

Gentrileeblog said...

K, can we be real life friends?! Seriously, love you! haha! AND have you ever done a tour of your home? It looks SO cute and cozy, I'd love to see it. :)
OH! And I loooooooooooove angus and julia stone!!

Southernsopink said...

oh buddy!...i REALLY want to watch this but no matter how hard i try and how long i wait it just WON'T load for me!! grrrr. i'm gonna come back later and go at it again.(: can't wait to watch it!

Lowercaseletters said...

hooray! got to watch it last night and here's what i want to say (i was taking notes of everything i wanted to say in my comment to you while my sister and i watched the video last night, hehe)...
-i shower every day too. (;
-i love the sweater youre wearing. that's one of my favorite colors!
-i love your nail polish
-i love how he went and got your cute bear for you
-i love the lights in your house
-i like to say alot of those same phrases too
-i love your style. you're so calm and have such a sweet, natural personality.(:
and that is all.

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