Friday, December 9

The Little Things

This week has been pretty great so far! I've been snapping photos on my phone all week long too so this is a fun post for me! And hopefully for you ;-) Andrew had two days off work (from the cah-raaazzzzy) rain we had and we were able to do a few lovely things together.

Like hang out in Panacea and gaze at each other of Americanos with a double shot of espresso. 
Remember how the Bronco isn't doing to well? The seal around the window is failing so it fogs inside, I decided to make it pretty.
Andrew and my Dad picking together! We went over for dinner and Dad had said earlier that day that he wanted to play a little so we packed up Andrew's Martin and he taught Dad the beginning of "Wish You Were Here"!
Skyping with Nathan and Sidney!!!!!!!! I have NO idea what is going on with me on my screen or why Nay typed "dude" about ten times but man, it was an excellent Wednesday evening!
And, sweet Little Bear passed out on our bed last night. I love her little hound nosey! 

I love this feature! Thanks to Lindsay for bringing it to life and giving us a place to share our lives a little bit more! 
xo S


Southernsopink said...

you have a bronco truck?!! that's like my dream truck, haha!(: hope y'all get it back to working soon!

Shannon said...

We do indeed. It's become a bit of a pit for us though, we're looking to sell it to someone who has the time, skill and dough to fix it. It was my dream until I was completely let down. Maybe one day I'll rediscover my love for Broncos :] We're on to a Subaru now, my other vehicle love!

Elisha said...

Nice photos! I really like how they work together to tell a story. I need to remember to take photos on my phone more often. I always like to look back through my archives and see what I was doing this time last year!


Reina Summers said...

very nice pics , what kind of dog do u have

cb said...

daisy!!!!!!! i love your little wet doggy nose :) seeing her always makes me so happy!

Sara Reeves said...

ohhh Daisy. :) Coffee dates are wonderful and should happen with great regularity!


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Cute! :)

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