Thursday, December 15

Rudolf Nail DIY

One of my holiday traditions is to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It has Yukon Cornelius in it and he is my favorite animated Christmas character ever.

Want to see my favorite part of the movie?

I was able to indulge the other night in Rudolph cuteness and Yukon hilarity and that led me to this DIY. Sometimes you just need Rudolph nails.

Bobby Pin

 I painted all of my nails white and added some glitter so they would look like snow. For your reindeer head make a semi-circle with brown polish.

 With a darker brown add some antlers and some eyes, I chose closed eyes because I think it's more whimsy.
 Add a nose, mine is pink since I'm a girl :-) I also put some glitter polish on the nose so it sparkles too!

 If you have a more steady hand than I, I promise it won't look like a 3rd grader attacked your finger ;-)
Now you can sport your Rudolph look! I think Yukon is next for me, I'm just working out how exactly to do it! Eeek!

xo Shannon & Rudolph


cb said...

what a cute idea! love rudolph!

Gentrileeblog said...

Love the nails! And I love that version of Rudolph! I still haven't watched any of the claymations(is that how you spell that?)! I need to fix that!

amber pate said...

That is so cute! I loved Yukon Cornelius especially when he sung silver and gold. This makes me want to watch Rudolph now :)

xo Amber P.

Paula said...

how cute!! I'll definitely have to try this, I'm a little nail art freak :D love it, thanks for sharing!!

Gentrileeblog said...

Ok, hopefully I can comment now. My blog disappeared for a minute there... or an hour.
So, I watched both the 2nd and 3rd videos you posted from the 30 questions and loved them both. :) It was fun to see your hubby in the 3rd one.
Love the nails, Mine would look terrible. haha!

Lowercaseletters said...

how adorable is that?! (love how you signed off the post<3) i've never done nail art. would this be a good one to try for a first timer? i seriously love it! (and i love that you used a pink nose)

jenni austria germany said...

this is adorable! i don't know if i have the talent to do this but i just might have to try. :)

Lariats and Lavender said...

AH! Girl, this is freakin' adorable. Love, love, love! I've gotta try this. :D

claire said...

HI! just found you through Gentris giveaway, i'm Claire from Our Favourite things although my comment will prob come up with my other blogs profile...anyhoooo off to follow you!!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Cute cute cute!

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