Friday, December 16

Holiday Tunes, Bear Style

Christmas music has always gotten me in the spirit of things but, not THAT kind of Christmas music. The good kind. Promise. I mean, some of it is even from the 80's.

1) let me apologize in advance for the last song.... but, if you know where the last song comes from we can be friends forever.
2)If you don't, email me. I'll tell you and you'll love me forever.

*EDIT: The SECOND to last song! I forgot that I edited the list before I posted this! Eeek!

There really is nothing like some great holiday music to put you right in the mood for some cheer!

xo S


Gentrileeblog said...

Why are you apologizing for the last song?! The Lenka one?! That's my favorite!

Shannon said...

Eeek! You're right! I meant the Billy Mack song, haha!

Memory Reese said...

oh i love "sleigh ride" by reliant k! my brother and i were searching for that one thursday.(:
happy weekend!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Love this :)

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