Thursday, December 15

30 Things {Part 3 and a Husband}

Okay friends, here is the last installment of 30 questions. Andrew was kind enough to join in with me and I think he made it WAY more fun! Enjoy.

Happy Thursday!
xo Shannon & Andrew


Messy said...

OMG...GILMOR GIRLS!!!!! Why would anyone cancel a show that amazing???? You two are so cute- I would die for my Paddy to do a vlog with me. I'm gonna show him this and make him do it!!! Hahahaha.
Great video - love your hubby - he's so witty "water" ha! Good one! LOL

Sara Reeves said...

That's hilarious. I was having similar feelings on birth yesterday. I so want a baby, but dude, it's freaky. These videos are great and I love having Andrew here with you today. Where did you get the questions? I want to join in with you all. Maybe I can convince E to join in as well.


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