Monday, December 5

Monday Blues

Good Monday to you friends! I'm totally crushing on all kinds of photography series right now and I wanted to share this little gem with you today, you know, a cure for the Monday Blues.

Photographer Tom Hussey has been doing a series called Reflections and I think it's one of the most magical things I've ever seen. It makes me wonder what my reflection would be now and what it will be later!

This inspires me SO much! What would your reflection be right now?

xo Shannon


Amber Pate said...

This is really amazing! I love seeing old photos of family members and seeing them today it always makes me wonder what my reflection will look like.

xo Amber P.

Southernsopink said...

how cool is that! i wonder what i'll be like in the future...

you just might would like to check out my blog post today. (: you're on it!

Shannon said...

Yay!! I'd love to see it, sweets but every time I click your link it tells me it's the wrong URL :( Link me to it? Thanks! XO

Shannon said...

right? I think these are so magical :]

cb said...

these are really beautiful and really super interesting too! a great subject to photograph since no one really talks about this kind of thing. thanks for sharing these!

Sara Reeves said...

I really really love this series. I have seen it before and forgotten about it and I'm thankful you brought it to my attention again.


Courtney said...

Wow! That is so so cool! I LOVE the thought of seeing older people and thinking about what they must've looked like when they were young. The aging process is so interesting. Love this post!

kat said...

these are so beautiful. thank you so much for sharing his work! it really is inspiring <3

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