Friday, December 2

The Little Things & A Giveaway Winner!

This weeks little things include all things Christmas! I've been making little snowflakes and creating a DIY for a friend. I also got to design my very first client Christmas card this week, so so fulfilling! I also designed a giftcard ad for Fox & Owl, also fulfilling! And finally wee Daisy after her romp in the falling snow. I loved sharing her first snow with her and snuggling her afterward!

And our November sponsor giveaway winner is Sara Reeves from Sarbear's Journey! Congratulations Sara!

Happy Friday!
xo Shannon


Lariats and Lavender said...

Ooooh, your snowflake! Mine was... Well, awful. Hah! Sounds like such exciting moments. Especially Daisy's first snow. I LOVE experiencing a pets "first" something or other. ^_^ This will be Mau's first Christmas with us and really, kinda his first Christmas all together as this time last year he was in a shelter!

Sara Reeves said...

Sooo much cuteness in that Daisy Bear. :) She is the sweetest little lady. And if I may say so myself, that client holiday card is very very nice.

And I WON? Ohhh wow! Do you need info from me or do you already have it?

I hope you and your furry family (Andrew is furry too...right? :) ) have a wonderful wintery weekend in the mountains.



Southernsopink said...

congratulations to sara!!
love the pic of the snowflake and the soothing.
happy weekend!

Rach Gent said...

very, very cute girl! love it!

love, rach.

Brianna said...

Your gift cards are so cute!

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