Monday, December 5

Daily Daisy | Vlog

I wanted to show you guys how she is with an ice cube buuuut she was a little more calm today than usual. Even though this wasn't exactly what I wanted I had to post it. She's too cute!

xo Shannon & Daisy


Janelle D said...

Her coloring is beautiful. So different! She must get so many compliments.
PS- my dog Abby loves ice-cubes too! She chases them around. Does Daisy do that?

yourtexashillbilly said...

glad to see the training is going good with her. she was soooo hyper before i wasn't sure how long it'ld take for her to get to where she would fully listen but she seems pretty goo

Sacha said...

oh my god, my dog, poppy, she love the ice cubes. Everytime when i opened the freezer to look for something. Poppy appeared in the kitchen within a second and barks for the ice cubes. when I gave the ice cubes to her... she hurry grab it and run away to eat the ice cubes... Its so cute!

i'm your follower... i would love to have your support in return please :D

Sara Reeves said...

Oh my goodness daisy bear is wonderful and so cute with her ice cube! The speckled fur, the bark, the vest, the silliness. She's awesome! <3


Southernsopink said...

ice cubes?! so funny! i love how obedient daisy is...when you told her to speak she did! :)
love your vlog! <3

Colleen said...

Hi Shannon!!!! I can't believe how cute she is! And oh my goodness, she is getting BIG!!!!

Mallory Gerstacker said...

She's totally cute. Teach her to whisper! It's the funniest thing you'll ever hear.

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