Wednesday, December 14

A Wooden Tree

At my house nothing is done in quite the normal traditional manner. We waited until the beginning of December to "put up" our tree. Since we had a gallery in Panacea we made 3 trees out of wooden pallets to showcase our photographs. It was super whimsy and kind of perfect for us. One of those trees is a pine tree! When we took our gallery down we decided that the pine tree was the perfect choice for our Christmas tree! Wanna see?

Since we're not too big on decorating, unless its for a season, I used some ornaments I used last year on our treepod. When I was teaching preschool I whipped up a few popsicle stick snowflakes and red balls with glitter and the gingerbread snowman was a gift to me from Ms. Carla and her class :] That one is one of my favorites! The "F&O" in wire is where we put our biz cards! Andrew made that, I thought it was super clever! We'll be putting our gifts on the trunk so they'll kind of be "under" the tree ;-) What does your tree look like?
xo S


Amylou said...

such a neat idea! Love your ornaments too!

Lowercaseletters said...

that is one of the coolest christmas trees i've ever seen.<3 saw your giveaway at gentri's! so exciting.(:

Lariats and Lavender said...

Oh, this tree is perfect for y'all and so creative!!! I LOVE IT! Also, that picture of you is downright gorgeous!

Sara Reeves said...

I love it! Before E and I ended up with a fake tree I tried convincing him we should make one, but couldn't figure out how to explain it. THIS woulda done the trick. :) You all are wonderful and the tree suits you so well.


amber pate said...

That is such a great idea and good use of an old prop :) I've been so busy and indecisive on how I wanted to decorate I just didn't bother putting one up this year. However I'm going all out next year so it'll definitely make up for this one.

xo Amber P.

Kelly Messer said...

I have to say that the unconventional way is a lot more fun!

I just started getting back into the spirit of Christmas decorating last year, but we haven't had a chance to decorate yet this year with the supposed arrival of new furniture making us wait. I may have to get unconventional & make our own tree if things take too much longer to get straightened out.

cb said...

i love non traditional methods of celebrating! your tree is so awesome and so orginal. we have a christmas tree that tom's grandfather made out of baby food jars and they have tinsel and colored lights in each jar, pretty fantastic. we also got a cactus so that says a lot :D tom and i were talking traditions last night and if we ever have a kid stockings are gonna be huge and nisser is something we are gonna try. google nisser, a fun norwiegn folklore :D

Gentrileeblog said...

I love it. :)

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