Monday, October 10

Green DIY // Welcome Sign

Good morning! I'm really excited to share with you my very first Green DIY! The other girls will be posting a few goodies this week too, and I'm beyond excited to share theirs with you too. I think we're all going to be super inspired by the end of the week! Eeek!

I have an old atlas and I like to use it for art journaling or anything creative. But sometimes I want to find a different purpose for it that I can enjoy around my home. Andrew and I love to travel and I think what I came up with this time really reflects that. So, here you go!

You will need:
A map/atlas
Xacto knife

Measure and cut out your map to the size of your frame. I just took it apart and put it against the glass.

 Sketch out your word. I chose welcome since we don't have anything like that in our house but you can choose whatever you like!

Once you have your word written out use your xacto knife to cut it out. Very carefully.

 Once it's cut be lay it in your frame and check it out. You may decide that you want some kind of backing against your word. I knew mine would be hanging against a white wall and I wanted something a little more fun than that.

I used a piece of the frame packaging - nice, right? - and rather than covering the whole back I just cut a strip and placed it over my word.

See? I liked this a lot and it matches my frame. You're done! Now choose a place to show off your new green artwork!

Here are a few other ideas:
Paint your frame to spruce it up a little bit
Choose fabric or scrapbook paper for your word
Use the letter cutouts, left over from cutting the word out 
Use a textured/patterned backing

There are several ways to make this DIY suit you and your style! Thanks for sharing this with me and if you end up making something, hook me up with a link below - I'd LOVE to see it!  

Happy Green Creating! 
xo Shannon


Valerie said...

Oh I really,really, like that! I'm totally want to make something similar.

kat said...

Uh la la! I love it! Super easy! My favorite kind of project <3

cb said...

what a cute idea sweetie! will be posting this on wednesday!

Amylou said...

this is such a neat idea Shannon! I would love to try something like that!

Lo Hood said...

I love it! So so awesome! I'm linking to you today! :) -Lo

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

This looks amazing! I'm so going to make this!

Chestnut Mocha said...

this is great! i love maps and everything with them!

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