Tuesday, October 11

Goals for Today

 Make a liquid truffle - I've been DREAMING of making one of these at my house since we visited with my sister Cayli a few days ago. They're so good. You can find them in Asheville at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, which by the way if you're ever passing through Aville you MUST visit. They have a few ganache choices to infuse your truffle with but, I think I'm just going to stick to simple dark chocolate at my house today.
Have lunch with my sweet friend Stephanie - We've been friends since we were in middle school. Don't you LOVE those friends? I can't wait to spend some time with her.

Enjoy today as a rainy Fall day - I love the rain and I love Fall. What the what? Perfect? Perfect.

Spend some serious married time with Andrew - He's off today since it's a rainy day - just one more reason to love the rain - and we're going to take in the day together. It's such a delicious treat to have him home with me during the day!

Make a few little pretties - I've got the creative bug again, it's always a good thing. I'm going to indulge by making a few little lovelies for friends with babies, custom orders and just for fun!

Edit a few photos - I have SO many photos from Andrew's birthday celebration, Fall colors, and our gallery. I'm bursting to show them to you. It's time to get going on some edits :] 

What are you planning today?
xo Shannon


amberupbeat said...

For some reason while reading this I kept thinking of a truffle as a type of mushroom. I should had known it was chocolate truffles when you mentioned the bakery but for some reason I kept thinking of the mushroom. Any way chocolate truffles are delicious and making it in a liquid form sounds just as grand!

xo Amber P.

cb said...

sounds like a great day sweetie! yesterday was rainy here but it was actually really nice. i am not a fan of rain unless i can be inside all day but if have to travel in it then i am not a happy camper :(

Sarah McCay said...

um liquid truffle? sign me uuuuuuup.
i think that fall rain you're talking about is due to arrive here tomorrow hehe

Sara Reeves said...

What a full lovely day. :) I miss Eric working outside. He would get those rainy days off too and it was always such a treat. I hope you both enjoyed your day. :)


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