Friday, October 7

This Weekend is for....

Finishing preparations: Right now, in fact.
Mr. Horton's 26th Birthday: A little celebrating with presents, the woods, the camera and pumpkin pie.
Setting up our gallery: Yep, it's that time! We'll be up in Panacea from now until January! Come show us some love!
Admiring the gallery: Making sure to take the time to step back and admire what we've accomplished. 
Quality time: Lots of it, please.
Photo taking: Because we're happy behind the lens.
Delicious dinners: Including a groupon to our favorite Garden Cafe in Asheville.
Family time: Who doesn't enjoy some needed family time on the weekend?
Sleep: Much needed.

What does your weekend look like? Busy, slow, or in between, I hope it's a grand time.

xo Shannon


cb said...

sounds like a good weekend! happy early birthday to mr. horton! have fun hiking and eating lots and lots of pumpkin pie!

Nadine said...

Sounds like a plan! Enjoy your weekend and have loads of fun! Can't wait to see pictures of your gallery.
My weekend is something in-between. A little bit working on my part-time job, some nice dinners with friends - it's quite a good balance, I think.

Lots of love, friend. XO.

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