Friday, October 21

Abby's Owl

On Wednesday one of my oldest friends, Steph, came over with her daughter, Abby. Last week I promised Abby that we would make her her very own special owl and have hot chocolate. Steph said that since then that was all she heard about. There was no way Abby was going to forget it. I had the best time hanging out with Abby and taking in her creative mind during the process!

She picked out her fabrics, chose closed eyes and she wanted a daisy on her owl and wings. No exceptions. She was determined to help me through the whole process. So she held the fabric for me and helped me pin it down to the pattern.

 That takes a while for a 3 year old, so Abby stopped for a hot chocolate break while I finished up. She wanted to be part of everything so she decided to keep tabs on me while I worked. Preeesshhhh!

Before I could stuff it she had to check it out. About 100 questions later I was able to put the stuffing in for her. I kind of love the way her mind works!

Once I was finished with the stuffing and final sewing that was it. The owl was hers and she was PUMPED! I can't tell you how rad it is to see a little get her owl right when it's done. I loved seeing her reaction to it, I hope everyone reacts that way when they get an owl I make. It's so heartwarming!

I want to make owls for kids all over the place now. I love this last photo. If your little would enjoy an owl like Abby does send me an email and I'll make a custom one for you! And then you can send me photos of them loving it like she loves hers, that's what makes the work worth it! 

Thanks for sharing this with me!
xo Shannon & Abby


Ashley @ said...

You are the sweetest! So cute! No babies (other than furry ones) for me or else I'd be asking for them!

cb said...

this is the sweetest thing! she is so adorable and her hugging her owl is the cutest!

kat said...

awe! she's so sweet and so it her little owl friend!

Lariats and Lavender said...

Oh my god, this is SO precious!!! Your owls are adorable and I can see why Abby was gaga over them! Also - what a cute little girl!!! I love her outfit. I kinda want her outfit in my size, hahaha.

Shannon said...

You sound like us! We're waiting also, for now I'll just be making them for other kiddos!

Shannon said...

That is my favorite photo of the bunch! She's the cutest little, probably ever.

Shannon said...

Thanks, Kat! I kind of love being an adopted Auntie ;-)

Shannon said...

Hahah! She had just come from dance when we made the owl! I loved her outfit too, a perfect little dancer!

Sara Reeves said...

Oh my that last photo is precious. I love that she could there through the whole process to see something made by hand. And I agree with how much fun it is to be around kiddos and their creative minds.


erica said...

This is such a sweet post, I wanted to make an owl similar to this for my niece.

xo erica

Sarah said...

aww i love this - what a cutie!

apockylypse said...

Too sweet! This will be something she will always treasure.

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