Thursday, October 20

New Tunes for Your Thursday

Have you heard of And the Giraffe yet? You haven't? Well, you need to. If you read my blog at all you know how much I dig music. Especially indie/underground sounds. I first heard about And the Giraffe on Today's Letters and then read an interview with the band on Blue Eyed Night Owl (two blogs that I HIGHLY recommend to you). After I saw them on TL I was intrigued but then after reading their interview I knew I had to check out this duo. And then after checking them out, I knew I had to share them with you.

I like sharing things that are too good to keep to myself. And the Giraffe totally counts.


These three are a few of my favorites. Their sound reminds me of Fall. I see leaves changing and falling when I listen to these songs. I kind of want a vinyl copy to listen to with a glass of wine while laying on the floor in my living room with Andrew. That would be a perfect evening. You can download their album here. Which song is your favorite?

xo Shannon


Felicia B said...

oooh this is perfect fall music. thanks for the tip!

apockylypse said...

I totally see Fall when I close my eyes & listen. Thanks so much for introducing them to me. Think I've found a new band for my playlists!

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