Wednesday, September 7

Wordless Wednesday | Daisy's First Hike

First encounter with another Hound!
She was sooo sad when the Black & Tan left!
We got rained on and made her a poncho! How cute is she?!
Sleepy puppy
xo Shannon


Colleen said...

Seriously, seriousl cute. She is such a floppy little puppy isnt she? I love how she just kind of flops in a pile with limbs sticking every which way! And what a lovely place to hike!!

cb said...

oh my goodness, i love her and i don't even know her!!! i want her to cuddle in my lap with my little rosie, they would be best friends!!!! how cute is she in her rain coat! TOO CUTE!!! you guys are such a cute family. you should totally take a family photo, tom and i with little rosie, but it is gonna be ridiculous. we are hunting for the perfect outfits and then send them out for x-mas!

Ashley @ said...

She is adorable! :]

Sara Reeves said...

OH my! She is so so stinkin' adorable. Thanks for posting more photos of her. :) Our Lilly May loves hiking too, but we haven't taken the others yet.

These photos are always welcome. ;) ha...and the dog nut is now leaving the building...after another look at Daisy. :)

Jamie M said...

bahahaha, loving the trash bag! :D

AmyMorby said... I am dying. DYING. gimme that pup!

Jenny Chang said...

that was unbelievably adorable.

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