Tuesday, September 6

A Carnival? What?

Over the weekend Andrew and I were in a funk. You know that way? You just feel like you NEED to do something different... but you don't know what and you're uninspired. That was us. Fox & Owl uninspired. It's not a good way to be. So we talked with my Dad and he was feeling the same way so we went to dinner on Main Street and there was a street fair happening! That was sooo entertaining. We watched people dance and sang along with the band while we waited for our table.

I think it's super rad that our town does street fairs but let's face it... they're basically there for the tourists because no local is going to get out and bust a move in front of everyone they know. Anyone that says retired Floridians don't dance is a liar. They do. And they do it.... awkward 80's style. They can shake their tail feathers with the best of them.

After dinner we went to a neighboring town to a Carnival. Wait, what?

A carnival?

It was super fun! We got there pretty late and we enjoyed a funnel cake made by big burly tattooed men in patriotic aprons - not joking - found some of our family there (which was awesome), and watched kids enjoy the rides!

Yes, we took pictures ;-)

See? Big burly tattooed men... with powdered sugar!
That funnel cake was probably one of the best ones I've ever had! We didn't ride any rides but I was soo stoked when I saw they had Swings! The Swings and Tilt-A-Whirl are my two absolute favorite rides at a park or carny. Andrew likes the Ferris Wheel and Carousel. I HATE the Ferris Wheel because any time I rode it I was always with some jerk that would rock the car when we were stuck at the top. So I'm jaded... but Andrew thinks he can fix it. I wish him luck. How rad is the giraffe on the carousel by the way? If we had ridden it that would have been my choice :] What are some of your favorite treats and rides at a small town carny?

Happy Tuesday!
xo Shannon 


Ashley @ AfterNineToFive.net said...

Looks like you had a blast! :]

Colleen said...

I'm so with you on the funnel cakes. Anytime Mister and I find a carnival we're like two houndogs running around 'til we find one. Once satiated, we may then begin to enjoy the carnival - which it looks like you guys did! And Shannon, I love your eyes!

cb said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! i love funnel cake! i have been dying to have some but we didn't go to a fair all summer! i am really hoping we can make it to the harvest festival, they have to have it there!

Susan Pressley Fowler said...

No locals-- what? I used to LOVE going & dancing at the street fair! The one in front of the court house where they have the bleachers & hay stacked in the road? Ahh- I miss things like that. :)

Sara Reeves said...

Tilt-a-Whirl is my all time favorite! :) I'm craving a good festival or carnival, but really this post just makes me want to run east and be your buddy. :)

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