Thursday, September 8

Cozy Morning | Bedroom Peek

I got up with Andrew this morning which was suuuuuper early. I've been so busy this morning (including the wee hours of this morning) working on fun things for tomorrow and catching up on my internet life. Daisy has been sleeping by my side in the living room and I needed to go into our bedroom for a hair clip - so ready for a hair cut - and I loved how cozy our room looked!

Want a peek into the magic room?
Erm... sorry, MTV Cribs moment.

I'm back now. 

Right, so wanna see a little peek into our bedroom?

I just loved this moment. The open window with a little breeze, the light, our sheets and covers. Sometimes it's nice to savor a moment like this.

xo S


Nadine said...

Gosh, that makes me wanna curl up in my own bed just NOW, too. My bedroom looks similar. I mean, not the style. But I never fully put the blends up and I never can't be bothered to make the bedding properly. Haha. It looks so much cozier that way.

Have a happy day, friend. xoxo.

Sara Reeves said...

So cozy. :)

pauldamonkee said...

How cozy! I love that quilt, so fresh and warm looking. New reader here, hi! :]

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Love the quilt, very pretty!

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