Friday, September 23


Happy First Day of Autumn!!

I love this quote. It gives me amazing images of being a bird and seeing Autumn colors in the tree tops and admiring the leaves on a branch. So good. I took this today of the HUGE tulip poplar in the bottom of our yard. You might recognize the trunk from a few of my outfit posts - it's awesome! It's one of those trees. You know the ones that make you stop and gawk at it because it's so imposing and gorgeous all at once. I think this may be my project tree for Autumn and Winter. I'll tell you more about that later ;-) Are the leaves changing where you are too?

Happy Freaking Fall Weekend!
xo Shannon


Lariats and Lavender said...

The leaves are sloooowly changing here in Utah! ^_^ My favorite tree in our yard is a gorgeous cherry willow. <3 It's just so beautiful, especially in Spring! But Autumn will always be my favorite season. ^_^

Sara Reeves said...

Our leaves are getting ready, but not quite there. This quote makes my heart so happy. This is the most magical time of the year.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...


Happy fall :)

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