Sunday, September 25

Autumn Love

I'm so excited to introduce a new feature just for Autumn! I'm calling it Autumn Love because well, I love autumn! Autumn Love is all about what we love about this season. A few times a week I'll be post something that I love about this season and also this season in my life. I'll also be sharing my project tree photos and a few autumn DIYs/tutorials.

Now, here is the exciting part! I'm inviting YOU to join me! You're welcome to use the photo below for your posts and I'll also be including a link up! I can't wait to start this tomorrow, friends and I can't wait to see what awesome things you love about Autumn, too!

Here is a button for your blog too, if you'd like to share this project with your readers!


Thanks for sharing this with me! Happy Sunday!
xo Shannon


Lariats and Lavender said...

Uh, WHAT?! This is so fun!!! EEEE! I will definitely be joining in off and on. ^_^ Go you!

Rach Gent said...

this is such a cute idea!

love, rach.

Colleen said...

Another brilliant idea, Shannon! Sounds like so much fun! We're starting to pack for the move this week, but I'm definitely going to participate as much as I can!

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