Friday, September 23

New Things | Autumn Lovelies

Oh, friends! I'm SO excited to share this with you! I've been making more little leather pieces and breathing new life into old scraps. It brings me joy to create something lovely from someone else's "trash". Everything in my shop has either been given to me because it was going to be trashed or it's re-purposed.

So I've been embracing my nature side and bringing that into my jewelry. Where I live is inspiring enough but, Autumn just ignites me. I feel more alive in the Autumn and Winter. Do you get that way? When your favorite time of year rolls around you just light up all over? It's a great feeling.

Yesterday the September light was SO gorgeous in my house. I had to take advantage of it! So I pulled together some fabric and props to photograph some new things for the shop. Here is a peek at the start of a few new things coming during the Fall months!

Be sure to head on over to Fox & Owl and see what's up now! Thanks for sharing this with me!

xo Shannon


Lo Hood said...

Aww these are so cute! Great idea! Green too! :) -Lo

Sarah McCay said...

i love the little hearts drawn on the animals :)

kat said...

i love love love the leaf and feather! so cute and very fall inspired! ^.^

Sara Reeves said...

Love your repurposing. I do totally and completely get that more alive feeling. In fact the other day I couldn't contain it and sung out "This time of year makes me feel so alive" to Eric as we walked to the car...and a spun in a circle. It's just THAT perfect.

cb said...

so cute sweetie! it is so awesome to create things that would end up in the trash or land fill!

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