Friday, September 16


Oh, freezy Friday. It's so chilly here! I loooooove it! Pretty sure we'll have to have our very first Fall fire tonight. With smores, blankets, Daisy Bears, hot chocolate, coffee and lots of Mr. & Mrs. snuggles. This is the best time of year!
Happy Fall!
xo Shannon


Lariats and Lavender said...

Eeee, yes, I totally agree!!! I'm totally hoping we can have an Autumnal BBQ soon!

Ladi Pattie said...

Oh that sound yummy and fun, take pics of you can :)

Sarah said...

That sounds so perfect! It has only "cooled down" to the 80s around here in Texas :)

apockylypse said...

I'm totally loving our glimpse of Fall weather today! I think you've got the right idea with events for a night like this.

Sara Reeves said...

Agreed. Very very best time of year indeed! :)

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