Friday, September 16

Daily Daisy

So I've gotten a TON of emails, carrier pigeons, smoke signals and blatant cries for more little Bear pictures. I'm here to tell you, in super hero fashion, that, HUZZAH, your hopes have been realized! I have decided to create a Daily Daisy post. Maybe not daily in the true sense of the word, but daily enough.

She sleeps in the best positions. Sometimes I look at her and wonder if it will hurt when she wakes up. Do dogs end up with cricks in their necks? Plus, can we talk about how big those paws are getting? Remember when they were this big?

Happy Freaking Weekend!
xo Shannon

PS: Her ears remind me of long flowing black hair. She flips them around like she thinks so too.


Daisy said...

Awh such a cute dog. Love your blog. Following! Follow me back if you like my blog :D x

Lo Hood said...

So so cute! those paws are huuuge! :) -Lo

Camylla said...

Your puppy is so freakin adorable!!!

Sara Reeves said...

OH man. Need to snuggle her so much. Sooo looking forward to more of these posts. :)

Sarah said...

She's absolutely adorable!!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Oh my goodness, so cute! This photo makes me want to take a nap.

apockylypse said...

She absolutely gorgeous! I love pup pics, but I can never seem to get mine to stay still long enough for a good surprise shot. My beagle loves to pose & my lab/spaniel is always wanting to kiss the camera.

cb said...

she is the cutest thing ever! i wish we lived near enough that we could cuddle with her from time to time. she looks like she would be a fantastic cuddler!

Colleen said...

I don't think puppies get cricks....they're made of rubber aren't they?
She's so cute. I'd totally steal her if I could.

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