Tuesday, September 27

A Husband Birthday

Andrew is my favorite thing in the WORLD and I get to celebrate him on his birthday in just a few days. I'm really excited to make this one special for him. I think I'm pretty good at making him feel special but what can I get him? Are you plagued by that question when it comes to buying/making something for your sweetie pie?

So I thought it would be a grand idea to put together a buying guide for Andrew. I'm sharing it with you because it may help you break through "buying block" for your lovey.

The first thing I consider when I think of Andrew is his style.  He's pretty eclectic and cohesive all at once. He likes button up shirts with a tight checkered pattern, but not too tight. He likes floral patterns, you know, manly ones. He loves hoodies, hats and pinstripes. He loves his boots but he favors his TOMS.  Based on those things I can decide what kind of clothing I could grab for him - even guy dig new threads sometimes.

The second thing I think about is need/useful appeal. He drives a 4-Runner. It's gold and it screams: ANDREW DRIVES ME! He's been hinting around about maybe a new something for his truck. Like a brush guard, window cover things - you know the ones that keep rain out, a roof rack, and maybe a new blanket for his seat.

The third thing I think of his hobbies. That leads me to the woods. He needs a better day pack, he needs a quiver for his bow (which I think I'll attempt to make), and he needs a new handle for his hawk (I could probably get my dad to show me how to make one of those). He also really wants a Gandalf pipe.

Now that I've narrowed it down I have to decide what to get him! My favorite idea is the Gandalf pipe or maybe an Estwing hatchet. If you decide to get something that you're not too familiar with, pull in a family member that is. I wouldn't know how to pick out a brush guard or a roof rack so I would ask Andrew's brother for help on that.  It helps a lot to combine these categories too, by doing that you may get an entirely new idea!

I hope this is helpful for you when you're trying to buy for your hot dish of lovin'. Now I have some research to do on pipes and hatchets!

xo Shannon


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Happy birthday to him!

Sara Reeves said...

ha, hot dish of lovin! :) Happy early birthday to yours! I like these ideas and do similar thinking for E. I've already picked up one little thing for the holidays, but am going to try to think outside the box for some more. I usually buy him a little something and make him a little something too. Hope you figure out just the right thing. :)


AmyMorby said...

You two continue to be (and probably always will be) my favorite couple. Buying for Mitchell is seriously the worst thing ever because he never wants anything--it's like pulling teeth to get ideas. But I will say--I got him a hatchet last year, and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. Silly boys.

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