Monday, September 26

Autumn Love // Vol. 1

Eeek! Welcome to the very first day of Autumn Love! Today I am totally, absolutely and utterly loving the September light. It really is fantastic. I think it might be my favorite light to work with! Everything is like magic... I can't wait to see what October and November bring!

Now it's your turn! I've got a linky tool below for you to use if you decide to join in on Autumn Love! It's a fun way for everyone to share their posts.  I can't wait to see what you all post about!

xo Shannon


Sara Reeves said...

Oh so pretty. I agree about the light of this time of year. It's so perfect.

Meghan said...

Hi there! Do you know of Katsura trees? They are easily my most favorite part of Autumn, and I only recently learned about them. When the leaves change colors the tree gives off the most amazing smell in the world. It is a sort of mix between fall smell and cotton candy. Seriously so amazing.

cb said...

i love all the lighting in these pictures. i don't think i have any like this but my roll that i should be getting back later today might, we shall see!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Beautiful pictures!

I'm going to link my post ;)

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