Tuesday, September 27

Daily Daisy

She likes to kiss the camera. This was the moment right before impact!  Andrew snapped this the other night when we were up on the Parkway collecting sunset photos. Daisy pretty much loves being up there - running, sniffing, yowling, making discoveries. I love how intent she is in this photo, she is going get that camera and that is the end of that!
Happy Tuesday!
xo Shannon


Sara Reeves said...

ha. Oh my gosh is she adorable..and focused! :)


Gentrileeblog said...

Oh my!! Cutest photo EVEERR!!

cb said...

so very precious, i love how she is tugging at her leash to get to the camera, she really wants it!

Lariats and Lavender said...

Awwww! She's such a cutie!!! <3

Jamie Pilgrim said...

What a cute photo! Her ears are soooo big!

Hunter Slh said...

that is such an awesome picture! that is probably the only possible way we will ever get a decent picture of our beagle. he is such a nutcase! :) i love your doggie!

sharde @ the style projects

Ashley @ AfterNineToFive.net said...

SO cute! She looks so similar to my Sookie. ;]

Lo Hood said...

awwww! so so cute! :) -Lo

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