Monday, September 19

Monday Reminder

Happy EARLY Monday! Have I mentioned that I get up with Andrew before the crack of dawn? I get up with him, talk his ear off, make him breakfast and drink coffee with him before he gets on the road. Let me tell you, it's hard to talk someone's ear off at 5:30 in the morning. This morning when I was making him some eggs it occurred to me, I'm like a really cool wife. When I shared this epiphany with him he laughed (while pulling on his boots) and said yes, you are. Then he said he was like a really cool husband because he went to work and actually wants me to stay home and do what I love.

There is zero doubt of the love in this family.

I want to remind you all that today is the very LAST day to enter any of the giveaways from the blog party.  If you haven't had a chance or if you thought it was too late go ahead and grab a spot! Here is a line up:

Don't forget to read about the ways to enter. There are several opportunities on each giveaway! I'll be announcing the winners tomorrow! I'm really excited to see who wins!

xo Shannon


Lariats and Lavender said...

<3 I love this. When Jen and I have worked, we always got up together. Granted, we worked together as well, but still. ;) We often get up together now that neither of us are working. We spend pretty much all our time together, which some people don't get - but it's perfect for us. You sound like a very COOL couple! ;)

Sara Reeves said...

You all are so sweet. Makes me want to get up earlier with E. We have a similar set-up with work stuff, but I would love to have that morning time with him and to help him out more in the a.m. I should start...or maybe make him marry me first. :) But honestly, this inspires me to do a bit more.

amberupbeat said...

That is so sweet :) I could definetely talk someones ear off even at 5:30 am but I tend to only get nods and mhmm's.


Colleen said...

I love this post :) You sound like a very cool wife! I occasionally get up with Todd...but on most days he gets a sleepy kiss goodbye from under the covers...

Jamie M said...

this post makes me want to get married like RIGHT now! haha!

i absolutely agree that you are a 'really cool wife' & he is a 'really cool husband'! :] love that you BOTH sacrifice for one another... that's what true love is all about! you're very blessed to have each other.

cb said...

you two are soooo cute!you both are waay cool <3

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