Monday, September 5

Well, I Did It.

Good Monday, Labor Day Morning to you! First I have to thank all of you for weighing in on the hair color choice. I felt like I had two choices, on each hand and kept looking back and forth in a cartoon character manner until my eyes spun around in my head! I knew what I wanted to do I just didn't know which choice to make for Autumn. It was awesome to read your responses and it helped me make, in my opinion, a grand choice for my ombre look. I mean, even my Mom likes it. And that is kind of a big deal since on the "weighing in" post this was her comment:

"Are you jokin' me? My vote is that you don't do this to your gorgeous hair that came to you through my great hair gene. Ha!"

I'm excited to share it with you all! I think it looks pretty fantastic, it's exactly what I wanted!
How was your weekend?
xo Shannon


Oakley seal said...

I love it! It makes me want to dye some part of my hair pink even more now! The color looks great!

oakley seal

Katie - Hazel & Mare said...

Oh wow, I love it!!! That looks amazing on you! And perfect fall colors too! :)

Gabby Bess said...

Your hair looks so good! Used to have blue and purple hair and this is making me miss it!


cb said...

i love it!! it is so perfect on it!! yay, glad you did it!!

Marlee said...

I sooooo wanted this to be your choice. :) Perfection. ♥

Sara Reeves said...

Very pretty and fun! I'm glad you went with it and tried it out. :)

nova said...

What! I just dyed my hair this exact color too, pretty much. Must be the fall, making us think alike.

Lindsay C said...

Thats so awesome! I love it! Awesome for fall!

Nadine said...

That looks so pretty! So good that you did it. :)
What did your mum say? ;-)

Here's to a happy rest of the week. xoxo.

Colleen said...

I love it! I love all things red... ;)
You're so bold! I adore the look, but get butterflies in my tummy when I think about doing it!

Laura Mazurek Violet Bella said...

love it! so glad you did it!

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