Friday, August 26

Soap Box + Announcement

So I have to start out this post by saying I'm way bummed. You guys remember when Moorea had her jewelry design swiped by a pretty big-sell-out-corp? We were all pretty upset about it and rallied around her to support her handmade goods and the integrity of her shop. Well, I had the same thing happen to me on a smaller scale, by a close friend. My TV bookshelf idea has been literally stripped from me and thrown out publicly before I was ready for it to go out. So I'm way bummed. I feel violated and robbed. As a creative community we make sure we're diligent about giving credit and honoring the artist. Your creative process is something you hold dear, many of us have a literal process that we go through to find our inspiration, our muse; typically something really beautiful comes out of it. I love taking something not pretty and making it not only pretty, but useful. My bookshelves are a huge deal for me, they're my favorite piece in my living room. The first time I shared them in the blogging world was actually on Moorea's blog in my guest post My Style, My Space. I was really excited and nervous to show them off. Now, I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of them, I wouldn't be so perverse as to say, "I invented them and I win!" That's dumb. But, I haven't seen them in my circle of friends, blogging or otherwise. Andrew and I take a great deal of time when we think of a new idea to nurture it and bring it to life. This idea was one of those.

So the point is, I actually have a inventory of these vintage TVs and I want to start to sell customized TV bookshelves in my shop. I was saving it for later this Fall because, Fall is my favorite and I liked the timing. I'm sharing it now because I feel like it's necessary to conserve my idea. So I've decided to take this ugly occurrence and make it into something lovely. So, here's to announcing:

Thanks for sticking it out during this post, you're a champ for making it! And, thanks for sharing this exciting news with me! I can't wait to get these little babies into the shop!

xo Shannon


Jenna Rogers said...

Ugh. What a bummer! So sorry to hear that. : ( I am happy to hear that you are spreading the fabulous bookshelf love and putting them in your shop! Good luck with that fun new venture. <3 Books!

Ashley @ said...

I am so sorry that it happened to you that way, miss. That's the really tough and nasty thing about the creative community at times. :[ But I am SO happy you turned it into something positive. It makes you a better person all around and I am SO excited to see more of your stuff! :]

Olivia Jones said...

Im sorry that happened to you. When things like that happen to me i like to see it as they freed me. I know might sound weird but maybe this is your time to put out your idea ya know? Good luck cant wait to see more.

Mandy Crandell said...

So sorry to hear that. I think it's a great idea, though!!/MandyCrandell

Toolfan19 said...

This is WAY too harsh. Way to completely overreact. Sheesh.


Lo Hood said...

Aww I'm sorry Shannon that stinks! But that idea is really fantastic I like how that awesome! :) -Lo

cb said...

i think this is such a great fantastic idea! i would love you to be a part of citybirds chirp! such a great way to reuse something that is totally outdated and making it something useful and really cool to look at too!
awesome idea!!!!!

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