Friday, August 26


I love that poem. So, I'm almost at 100 followers (eeeeek!!!) and I'm going to throw this out there to you friends, whoever ends up being the 100th follower of my little blog will get something special! I'm pretty pumped! I'll be checking over the weekend and if we reach it I'll do a post on Monday announcing the winner and we'll all celebrate together! I'm also thinking a blog party might be in order? Who is with me?!

Happy Freaking Weekend!
xo Shannon


Andrea said...

party time!!

Deer Little Fawn said...

I'll boost you up to 99! Freeing up the way to lucky 100! ;)
Congrats and have a lovely weekend!
x Beth

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So pretty!

I'm actually reading Similarion right now...

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