Thursday, August 25

Sometimes Change is a Good Thing

Andrew and I just celebrated our one year anniversary last month, right? For my birthday I asked him for a... dun, dun, duuunnn.... wedding band.
*gasp* WHAT?

Don't get me wrong, I love my Celtic ring but, I need a change. We had my engagement ring custom made, it's a love knot with Auntie's diamonds in it. It's very very very special to me. I actually wear it on the inside of my finger rather than the wedding band. Then again, I'm anything but traditional. So when Andrew asked me what I wanted I told him I'd like something that can showcase that ring more than the thick one I have now. 

At first I was thinking of something thin and lovely. Like a really dainty look that would draw the eye to the engagement ring. Kind of like this.

But then I tried one on. Ew. In my head it was going to be so pretty and when I put it on... it wasn't. So I decided it was too typical for me. So now I'm thinking about something like this:

What do you guys think? I think the feather might be my favorite but the two owls are kind of precious too. Too bad I can't find a fox & owl ring! Happy Thursday!
xo Shannon


Ashley @ said...

LOVE the feather ring!

camylla said...

The bow is my favorite one!!

Katie - Hazel & Mare said...

Oooh, I love the feather one! I have never seen anything like that- so pretty! I have been trying to pick one out too and i just can't decide- it's a big commitment! ;)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I like the feather ring!

cb said...

feather feather feather!!!!!!!!!!!! i told tom i want one for ours in a couple of months. there is a twig one i want on etsy. so pretty!! can't wait for your show us what you decide!

Gabby Bess said...

The feather ring is my favorite as well! Happy anniversary!

By the way I am having a giveaway on my blog, feel free to enter!


Jamie M said...

you should wear the celtic ring on the other hand! that way you can still wear both the original one & the 'new' one :]

this is the set i told Matthew i'd like someday, but in white gold instead of sterling silver:

that artisan has a lot of really beautiful nature-inspired rings in his shop. unfortunately most of them seem to be thick-ish, but it's worth a look!

xoxo jamie

Sara Reeves said...

That feather one is so nice.

mary said...

the feather is lovely. have you ever thought of a really wide, plain silver band? it's not that exciting on its own, but it would be bold enough to make a statement and simple enough to showcase your other lovely ring. just some thoughts! i'm sure you will love whatever you choose!

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