Tuesday, July 19

Project Mode//Reveal

I'm so pumped! Yesterday I blogged about being in project mode and deciding to decorate Amos with a fun new camera strap. And after a few hiccups (mostly with my Pandora station stopping and not having sharp scissors) I finished the final stitching and flipped it right side out and squealed with excitement! I pretty much love how it turned out!

I like that the colors go nicely with my camera bag too, as pointed out by Andrew. It was a lovely surprise, don't you just love those? Speaking of Pandora, this was one of my very first times using it and I really liked it! I typed in Iron & Wine and got all kinds of great bands on the station. What stations do you listen to?

xo Shannon


Susan Pressley Fowler said...

Ahh- I have a zillion Pandora stations! Whatever my mood is that day, I start a new one, and sometimes if I have the patience, I'll perfect it with doing the 'thumbs up' to certain songs or skipping others. Used to listen to it 10-12 hours a day with my old job!

cb said...

i love the colors too!!! so so cute!

uggh pandora is so great but we have the free version on our ipad and it will play commercials every so often...kinda poopy but it totally rocks! if you like 70's music might i suggest the abba station...so so good! listening to it right now! and grooving as i work is always a plus in my book!


Shannon said...

gracias! yeah, I noticed the random commercials too, I'm just glad they're not like every other song! I'll totally check out the Abba station! Can't wait! Thanks for the recommendation!


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