Monday, July 18

Project Mode

I'm in project mode. Does that happen to you sometimes? I was hunting around in my fabrics for a great combo, not knowing exactly what I wanted to make but just wanting to do something pretty and lovely. I found a great combo and then it hit me... a camera strap! A little extravagant but I'm always with my camera so why not jazz it up a little?

Before the day is out my camera will from from this:

To this:

I did a little googling and found this great site with a tutorial for a camera strap slip cover, if you will. I can't wait! I'll share it soon!

xo Shannon


cynthia gonzales said...

Oh I have the same feeling, going into crafty mode. I was looking at camera straps last week. I wanted to do one myself but I don't have a sewing machine so I bought one from etsy (and I hope it arrives one of these days). I hope you finish yours soon and post it to take a look at it :)

cb said...

oh yay!! can't wait to see! i have always wanted to make a camera strap! would make a great gift :D thanks for sharing this tutorial sweetie!


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