Tuesday, July 19

We're Expecting // Update

Remember a little while back I mentioned that we were expecting?

You do? Great!

Because, I have a little announcement to make:  

Isn't she GORGEOUS?!!?!? Holy. Guys, seriously. I've been in love with her since before she was born but now... oh my. I've always wanted a dog. I'm 24 and I've never ever had one and now she's here and only two weeks away from being home! Thank God she's going to be like 60 pounds because if not I swear I would carry her around everywhere, effectively becoming one of "those people", and then I'd have to fling myself off a building.

Remember this post? Well, now I can answer that question by showing them a photo of Daisy. I think it'll be an extremely effective answer ;-) She was a month yesterday and it looks like we'll be able to go scoop her up around the 30th. Get ready, because there will be a major influx of puppy photos on the blog when we bring her home... word up for cuteness overload!

Happy Tuesday!
xo Shannon & Daisy Bear

PS: What say you about the new look happening around here? I'm kind of loving it! xo


cb said...

you are one lucky lady! she is adorable!!!!!! i love hounds, their droopy faces and their floppy ears! you are gonna have such a cute little family!


Shannon said...

holy! right? thanks! hounds are my favorite too, just wait until she's tripping over her ears, aww! it melts my heart just thinking of it! I can't wait to introduce her to the rest of our small brood, it's going to be like a farm over here! and well worth it! ha!


Jenna Rogers said...

Ahhh! How exciting! I don't recall the past posts since I'm a newbie here...but I just went to take a peek at them so I could be up to date! Daisy Bear is probably the cutest pup I've seen...and I volunteer at the humane society here in my neck of the woods...so that's saying a lot! I can't wait for the boat load of photos...my blog is always overflowing with my furry children photos...so I love seeing photos of other little ankle biting pets! Congratulations furry child mama!

Nadine said...

Naaaaaaaaaaaw, that is a bit exciting, huh? I really can't wait to see a flood of pictures... Also, I totally love your new header and everything. Looks so friendly and open-minded. So it suits you very well, of course!
Lots of love!!

Amy said...

She is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I bet you're really excited! I expect lots of pictures Yus! :D

xo Amy

freaked out 'n small said...

Oh Shannon! She is so kissable! You have lots of puppy kisses in your future! I for one am really looking forward to all her pics!

Amylou said...

Awww! she is so sweet! I'm a puppy lover too! Can't wait to see the bazillion puppy photos you take of that little one!

Alejandra said...

oof. that puppy is adorable.

Erin Sandrick said...

super glad you liked my coffee post :-)
it's almost as awesome as your new bundle of joy! congrats!

Katie said...

AWWW!!!! She is adorable!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I have always wanted a dog and now I'm even more dog crazy! What kind is she?

Shannon said...

Thanks everyone for showing your love! We really are so super excited and I promise to deliver LOADS of puppy cuteness! ♥

Shannon said...

Aw! Thanks, Katie! She's a little blue tick coon hound :]

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