Monday, July 18

Monocoled Lop

Good Monday Morning! I'm pretty stoked on some rad happenings over at A is for Ampersand today. Yeah, you read that right. All day long because Amy is having a BLOG PARTY! I believe you'll see a little guest post by me and a giveaway from my shop too! She has some other really amazing bloggers posting up some blog amazingness as well as Blowfish giveaway ;-) Head on over to soak up the goodness!

Okay, weekend recap: got a little sick (wah wah), hung out with Andrew's family who was visiting from VA, played with little kids, ate lots of cookout food, rested, drank LOTS of coffee, enjoyed time with Andrew, saw a Volkswagon truck (which was kind of amazing), found a new amazing candle scent at wal-mart (imagine my surprise!), watched Harry Bummer Potter, and bonded with my Diana lens.

How was your weekend? 
xo Shannon


AmyMorby said...

whaaat you are so sweet! Thank you so so much for posting that. And that right there is a Rabbit Truck, and my husband--the craziest VW enthusiast will tell you--that is his biggest dream. We have a GTI, but it's also his 3rd old GTI. And then there's the Westy of course. yeah, a little VW obsessed over here. :)

cb said...

sorry you got sick! hope you are feeling better now. i can't wait to go see harry potter! going with my mom on thursday. i think i might cry that it is all over :(


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