Monday, June 27

What I Wore | Spontaneous Saturday

This weekend was magical! Andrew and I actually had a weekend. We hung out with great friends on Friday evening, slept late and had a romantic Saturday and a super fun photo shoot on Sunday! I'll share some photos from the shoot on Sunday because it was fantastic! It was so much different than anything we've done before and holy moley... the unedited photos make me smile so much, I can't wait to play around with them!!!

Onto Saturday! Andrew worked SO late this past week almost every night so we decided to have a slow morning. We woke up late and had brunch at Huddle House, which may actually become an occasional tradition. The food was so great and there must already be a tradition in place for the older folks in our town to eat there too. We saw so many sweet little couples, church women and good ol' farm boys. Part of the fun was just watching the people! Afterwards we went to Asheville and stumbled upon this quaint little bistro. We took photos of our food and the atmosphere on my phone, you can see them here. While we were sitting there drinking our water and sampling some rum a baby bird literally fell on my lap! He hopped around our table until Andrew caught him and returned him to his frantic mother. He was basically the most precious thing I've ever seen. Then Roofus chewed through his leash and ran off so we had to find him. Thankfully he had merely run to the car and was hanging out there when Andrew found him. It was quite an eventful dinner!

Of course in the spirit of a spontaneous day you must be prepared and wear something functional ;-) I kind of love how grainy these are, it's like old school film!

Shirt: AE
Jeans: AE
Shoes: TOMS
Feather Necklace: My Shop (to be listed this week!)

How was your weekend?
xo Shannon


hotchild said...

Yay for good weekends! Love all the BLUE in these photos! You are too cute. & I haven't heard of Huddle House in FOREVER! yum.

Kaisha said...

Your photos against the blue wall look awesome! Super cute necklace too x

cb said...

yay! glad your weekend was magical sweetie!! what a great saturday too! i love having fantastic days with the mister! but always wish we could spend every second together :) can't wait to see the pictures from your shoot!


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